Wazifa for Break Someone’s Marriage


Do you know that you can stop or break someone’s marriage immediately by a wazifa ?

Do u need that? So today we going to tell you about that wazifa. It will be very helpful to break or stop someone’s marriage in a few hours.

The Reason For Get wazifa to break someone’s marriage

When a boy or girl was in a relationship from a long time or a short time. But they really loved each other and they was just want to spend their complete life with each other.  Suddenly if any problem comes and they both can not marry each other then the problems become so high. So now we have the perfect way to get out from the problems. If the boy or the girl could’t marry someone because they not love him or her. And if your boyfriend, your girlfriend and your true lover marry anyone else. Then now you can stop that marriage with this helpful islamic solution.  There was so much advantages in this wazifa for make someone yours probably . Because you love someone and only you want him. So can you see to happen that.  Keep it in your mind that your lover is only made for you.


Sometimes we think that it’s wrong when we break someone relationship or marriage. But according to Allah, its also a gunah and wrong thing when we do forcefully marriage or engagement of someone. If the boy or girl did not have any feeling for each other then how that relationship going lifelong and successful? So just need to think everyone that it’s very useful and especially all of the tasks to break someone ’s marriage without them a choice.  That Marriage Only Be successful and lovely when the both husband and wife loves each other and they have the same thinking and strong understanding. 

Marriage is a priceless gift and starting of a very special and lovely relationship. So do not did this without your choice, Just think that who is she or he that you want to marry. So Now We give you a special and effective wazifa for break anyone’s marriage or engagement.

Here it is : –

“Qull-lla Yastawii

Uul khabeesuu Waa Uutt-ttaiibu

Waa Lauu Aa-ajabaka Kasraatuu Alkhabiisii

Fa Utt-ttaquu Uullaha Ya Uullii

Uullal Baabii L

a Allakum Tufliihoonaa”.


If you love someone and you have so much dreams of having marriage with him or her. You are so much honest in your relationship of love and you never  think about anyone else and you can not live without your lover and also you can not live with any another person for the whole life. So how can you marry someone else when you alredy love someone and you need someone else.  If you can never forget your lover. And your love is true so its not possible to marry any other guy or girl. So now you have the perfect way if you don’t want to marry anyone else.  And the way is wazifa for break my marriage. This Wazifa Surely Helps You And If your marriage was alredy fixed and the marriage date is near then also its been so helpful to you. So now don’t  need to be so panic and sad. Allah will helps us forever if we believe in him and our love is true. You Can Break your marriage easily and simply by this helpful wazifa and dua.


  1. There was not a fix time of this wazifa, you can read this anytime once in a day.
  2. But According to rule 1. You will start this excect time like yesterday’s Time.
  3. Before Start the Wazifa You Need To do wuzu from the clean and fresh water.
  4. After that read the durood sharif for 11 minutes in a row.
  5. After read the durood sharif, now you should read this wazifa for 1000 times.
  6. After completing this, Now again you have to read the durood sharief again.
  7. Now the last and final work, do dua in your words for break marriage of someone or yours.

You Can Get So much duas and wazifa’s on the internet and you can try them also. But 80% are doesn’t work. And if they work a little its been so much side effect of them. But this is the tested and effective wazifa you got here for break someone’s marriage.

Wazifa to break my girlfriend’s marriage

Do you really know that how much important and effective this wazifa? This wazifa is with extra powerful and so made from so much perfect islamic worlds.  From the help of these lines, you can break your girlfriend or boyfriend’s marriage easily. So if you also love a girl and you want to marry her. But so many problems come in your marriage like her marriage was already fixed with someone, her parents were not ready and they don’t like you or your parents was not ready for this marriage or if they did not like your girlfriend. No matter what is the problem just focus on the solution. And now you already get the solution in our article.

Wazifa for break girlfriend’s marriage is made by islamic powerful quotes of qurans. Its been made for love birds.The true and honest couples can get so much benefits and they really see the quick results of this wazifa. Allah can give you everything and allah can solve your all problems. If you have a strong faith in allah, but without faith nothing is possible. We also find this wazifa because we believe in allah and that’s why Allah helps us. And we helps others. Because Allah gives us the chance to helping others. This is our responsibility that we should save some true lovers life and make them happy and let marry to their the love ones.